Laragh Heritage Trail

Timeline for Laragh

Year Event
1780 Original Derrybawn House built by James Critchley
1798 Derrybawn House destroyed in 1798 Rebellion
1802 Derrybawn House rebuilt by William Bookey
1800 Construction begins on the Military Road
1804 Military Barracks in Laragh completed
1805 Derrybawn Bridge built
1838 Bookey's Bridge built
1840 Laragh School built
1845 Work begins on St. John's Church
1845 Start of the Great Famine
1846 Work begins on St. Kevin's Church
1847 St. John's Church completed
1851 St. Kevin's Church completed
1852 End of the Great Famine
1855 Laragh Mill built
1855 Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks built
1864 The Priest's House built
1934 St. Kevin's Primary School built
1956 Laragh Bridge built